Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Introduction to Thai Food

Thai food is a cultural inheritance transferred to and from generations. In Thai eating culture, rice is the main component to be consumed with other supplement. The Thai menu is composed of diverse methods on cooking; for instance, boiling, soup, frying, spicy salad and the chili paste with the combination of tastes; sour, salty, sweet and spicy those are rarely found in other national cousins.

Basically, the preparation and the cooking methods of the Thai food are delicate. In addition, the decoration by using various colors of vegetables and fruits including the carving of these materials use the arts inherited from the ancient time. These make the Thai food popular in many countries.

The Thai food whether a set or a one-plate dish, each provides five groups of nutritional values; carbohydrate, protein, fat vitamins and minerals including fibers and in sufficient amount. Good quality of protein comes from various meats; chicken, pork, beef, egg and the seafood. It also provides adequate fat either from plants or animals, generally, almost of the cooking methods require small amount of oil and not too much meat but emphasize on various vegetables and fruits which are the sources of vitamins and minerals, i.e. beta carotene to keep fresh and to prevent from cancer. Besides, the fibers in vegetables and fruits are good fro evacuation and reduce the cholesterol in blood. Spices supplement; for instance, ginger, galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaf, sweet basil and krachai provide tasty fragrance and also medical substances to prevent and heal some diseases; i.e. obesity, cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and cancer etc.

By the way, consumption of the Thai food in sufficient quantity and proportion to daily needs would supply adequate nutritional substance that suitable for adults who require weight control. Thai food is outstanding in the combination of tastes and the nutritional values which are different from others and make the food popular all over the world.

Thai Food
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Thai Food - Phad Ka Prao and Kaeng Liang Recipe

By Wevangti Vangra

Phad Ka Prao


Phad Ka Prao sauce 80 g
Chicken fillet 80 g
Steamed rice 250 g Cut in 0.5 cm
Vegetable oil 20 g
Water 5 g
Sliced red spur chili 25 g

Note: This portion is for 2 servings.

How to cook

1. Stir-fry sliced chicken with oil until the meat is cooked.

2. Add spur chili, steamed rice and Phad Ka Prao sauce, mix thoroughly. Put basil, mix together before removing from the heat and it is ready to serve.

Phad Ka Prao sauce Ingredient


Basil 50 g Garlic 375 g
Galangal 50 g
Shrimp paste 15 g
Palm sugar 100 g
Vegetable oil 500 g
Hot chilies (green/red) 150 g
Shallots 125 g
Grounded pepper 2.5 g
Fish sauce 375 g
Salt 25 g
Water 1000 g

Note: This recipe makes 2.5 kg of Pad Ka Prao sauce

How to cook

1. Ground hot chilies, garlic, shallots, galangal, pepper and shrimp paste together. Add basil and roughly grind them.

2. Stir-fry Pad Ka Prao paste with oil until fragrant.

3. Add fish sauce, palm sugar and salt.

4. Pack in plastic bags, 80 gram per bag.

Strong point of Khao Phad Ka Prao: Lower calories and fat compared to Phad Thai. High phosphorus from chicken.

Medical Benefit

- Basil: Release tension, high blood pressure

- Red & green hot chili: Digestive, laxative, expectorant, cold relief

- Shallot: Relief cold, catarrh

- Garlic: Reduce cholesterol, cancer, infection, antifungal

- Galangal: Carminative, expectorant

Kaeng Liang (Spicy herb vegetables soup) Main Ingredient


Kaeng Liaeng soup 500 g z
Peeled and sliced pumpkins 450 g
Peeled and sliced sponge gourd 300 g
Mushroom 250 g
Ivy gourd 150 g
Lemon basil 70 g

Note: This recipe is for 3 servings.

1. Add Kaeng Liaeng soup in a pot, bring to boil.

2. Add sliced pumpkins first and then add other vegetables such as sponge gourd, mushrooms and ivy gourd. Bring to boil. Remove from the heat and then sprinkle lemon basil.

3. Ready to serve.

Kaeng Liang Soup Ingredient


Grounded pepper 100 g
Shallot 750 g
Dried shrimps 600 g
Food seasoning (pork flavor) 270 g
Shrimp paste 260 g
Thai chilies 40 g
Water 13 kg

Note: These ingredients are for 13 kg.

How to cook

1. Pound dried shrimps finely. Add pepper, Thai chilies, shrimp paste and shallots in the mortar and pound finely.

2. Put Kaeng Liaeng paste and water in a pot. Add food seasoning and bring to boil.

Strong point of Kaeng Liang: Low fat and low calories. Fibers from vegetables.

Medical Benefit

Pepper: Peptic, carminative, cooling

Shallot: Relief cold, catarrh

Hot chili: Digestive, laxative, expectorant, cold relief

Sweet basil: Carminative

Gord gourd: Carminative, relief fever, nourish eyes

Sponge gourd: Nourish heart, laxative, cooling

Pumpkin: Nourish eyes

Thai Food
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